Let’s Talk About Dancing



True confession. I have never understood the point of dancing. Maybe someone can enlighten me. What exactly am I missing here?

Consider slow dancing.

You face your partner in a semi-hug position. You “hold” your partner close or not close depending on your relationship. You move (or try to move) to the rhythm of the music. You step, you sway, and you smile. Why? For me it has always been a struggle to step and sway. Don’t get me wrong. I can step and sway with the best of them. I just have a fragmented disconnect between rhythm and step-and-sway.

By the way, I have rhythm, but it’s introverted. It’s deep and introspective. I choose not to flaunt it, but it’s there.

So there I am on the dance floor. I listen to the music, searching for the rhythm. Once found I try to translate it to my feet and body (step-and-sway). The neuro-synaptic response just isn’t there.

My appearance can best be described as hesitant, awkward, and robotic.

I feel like I’m walking through a cow pasture trying not to step in something. My dancing style has that same aroma. Adults snicker. Teens point. Small children anxiously cling to their mothers.

It’s that bad.

Am I alone? Are there others who share my failure? Is there a support group I can join? Can anyone help me? Please?

I won’t even begin to address that monstrous practice known as fast dancing.

Watch your step.


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