I’m with Him

When we become Christians an amazing thing happens that we need to take advantage of. The Holy Spirit becomes part of us, and from the instant of our conversion, we are no longer alone.

There are a couple of things we really need to remember about the Holy Spirit living in us.

First, He is not along just for the ride. He does not intend to be a passenger casually watching our lives unfold. He wants to do the navigating. He wants to tell us when to turn left, turn right, stop, go, backup, and pull over for a rest.

I disagree that God wants to be in the driver seat of our lives. If that were the case, we would just be riding along looking at the scenery and possibly losing interest in the journey. However, if we’re doing the driving with His direction we become an active partner in fulfilling His plan for our lives.

Second, He wants to be the wise friend, the protective big brother, and the comforting shoulder. God is not “the man upstairs.” God, through the Holy Spirit, walks with us. Actually He wants us to walk with Him. He has a plan for our lives so who better to lead us through it?

As we travel along this road we call life, our perspective should be “I’m with Him.”

When faced with temptation, I’m with Him. He is stronger than anything the enemy throws my way.

When I’m discouraged, I’m with Him. He is able to remind me of how far I’ve come.

When I am feeling disgusted with life, I’m with Him. He can point out the things for which I can be thankful.

When a friend or relative hurts my feelings, I’m with Him. He helps me remember when a particular relationship was positive.

When I’m walking the path He has chosen for me, I can confidently say “I’m with Him.”

How about you? Is Jesus just a passenger on the journey? Let Him be the navigator. Are you expecting Jesus to walk with you on the life path you’ve chosen? Let Him choose and lead.

We need to quit struggling with choices we’ve made and give Him complete control. Then we can rest in complete assurance that “I’m with Him.’

Shout out to Matt Hessel @MattHessel from Traders Point Christian Church for the inspiration for this post. I grabbed a line from his November 26 / 27, 2016, message.


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