Personal Responsibility

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As he entered Panera Bread I noticed he had a slight limp. He was probably 80 years old. Maybe 85. I imagined him being a Korea War veteran. It was easy to see him as having owned an auto parts store or perhaps he had been a supervisor in a factory.

I had no idea who he was, but for some unknown reason he looked trustworthy. I’m sure he lived his life being personally responsible for everything he did.

Where does personal responsibility come from? A quick answer would be one generation passes it on to the next. But where did it originate?

Read through Exodus chapters 22 and 23. The concept of personal responsibility is found in other passages in the Bible. But these two chapters cover a variety of situations which required God’s people to be personally responsibility.

You have probably heard some say the Bible is outdated, and it doesn’t apply to us today. Take a look at Exodus 22 and identify what is outdated. Anything?

  • Stealing
  • Starting fires
  • Losing something entrusted to you
  • Premarital sex
  • Taking advantage of a widow or an orphan
  • Lending money with a high interest rate
  • Cursing God
  • Cursing government leaders
  • Not giving to God

Although this is not meant to be a complete list, it is a good start. Personal responsibility was, and still is, a big deal to God. It should be a big deal to us.

Two things to think about:

  • Am I taking personal responsibility for my actions?
  • Am I passing personal responsibility on?

Personal responsibility is not optional. God has set the standard for how we treat others and how we relate to Him.


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