Real Quiet Time

The road to true discipleship is paved with scripture.

You and I will never be the disciples Jesus commands us to be unless we are students of the Bible. How can we know what He expects if we don’t read His words?

We’re not called to be experts on the Bible. We are called to be expressions of the Bible.

What’s the difference? Experts quote chapter and verse. Expressions live out chapter and verse.

Many years ago I came across a three word guide for the objective of Bible study. Information. Application. Transformation.

Information is the actual text. But information alone is not enough. That information must be applied to our daily lives. Then application must be continuous, and that leads to transformation. We must study and we must apply what we learn to our lives if we want our lives to be transformed.

The pavement of scripture is illuminated by prayer.

When we walk through the Bible we must seek God’s guidance in understanding the meaning. We must also seek His guidance in the application of the meaning.

Where are we now? 

I’ve been a Christian for over 35 years. Twenty-five years ago I had a very regular quiet time. I was an early riser, and I liked to run in the morning. But before I ran, I had twenty to thirty minutes of Bible study and prayer time. Over the years my regular quiet time has become infrequent and random. That needs to change. Maybe you have a similar experience or maybe you’ve never had an actual quiet time.

Where do we go from here?

First, we need to set aside a specific time that we’re committed to. This has to be every day. This is an appointment with God. I’ve found when I had a regular quiet time if I missed a day it was sometimes difficult to get back on schedule. We need to set a time and always show up.

Next, we need to have a specific place for our quiet time. This helps establish a regular routine.

Third, it has always helped me to have a study guide for whatever book of topic I was studying. There are so many available today. Ask your Christian friends or your church for recommendations.

Finally, prayer must be included. God is so available and so willing for us get to know Him and His teachings. He’s there to help us understand and apply what we’re learning. He also wants us to bring our concerns and expressions of gratitude to Him. He is there for us like no one else.

Let’s do this.

Today is Sunday. Tomorrow morning I’m committed to getting back on a regularly scheduled quiet time. If you aren’t satisfied with your time with God, please consider recommitting.

A specific time. A specific place. A study guide. Serious prayer. We can do this.


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